5+ Step To Build Relationship [Virtual Staffing Agency]

  • January 30, 2024

Behind every successful business, there is a healthy relationship between employer and employers and we cannot ignore the third party i.e. Virtual staffing agency in this scenario.

With the changing trends, more and more companies are now opting for remote work from niche trend to now mainstream reality, fostering a healthy relationship with employees and the Best Virtual Assistant Agency you are working this. The key factors for a healthy relationship between virtual employers and employees should be formed on trust and communication making the backbone of a successful business.

This blog from CROX Assist one of the Best Virtual Recruitment Agencies brings to you some practical steps to help you build a healthy relationship with your Virtual Employment Agency so that your business can prosper in the right direction.

So get ready and learn these practical steps for successful business growth.

  • Learn to Manage Your Expectations-  First of all, let’s understand that we all are human beings and we all make mistakes. Like any other work, you can forgive your virtual assistant for not getting things correctly for the first time. Give them proper time and training. If they apologize or seek assistance because they feel horrible about the mistake, be willing to offer guidance or help. Do keep in mind you need to pay your virtual assistant on an hourly or daily basis, so occasional errors can be avoided.

    Work as a team and build expectations from there. If the goal is to create a healthy relationship with your VA strike a balance between being firm and compromising and you will witness success in your partnership.
  • Communicate as much as you can- Another thing that you must remember is that your virtual assistant is a not mind reader. Give your Virtual assistant precise instructions. There would be instances where communication with your executive virtual assistant can be problematic. You can use all the communication tools such as Gmail, hangout, and Skype as it fill gaps where your relationship can be hindered. Furthermore, you can also screen record if tasks need to be done in a certain way and your executive VA does not have the expertise to navigate through the platform or software that you currently using.
  • Stay open to Constructive Feedback-  Providing constructive feedback to your virtual assistants is something that is important to make sure that your VAs are going as per your expectations. And it is very essential to provide feedback so that they can grow as a working professional and the overall prosperity of the collaboration.

    It is quite obvious that the virtual assistants would be working remotely and they must be providing services to a number of clients. Providing feedback on how your VA is helping you is always beneficial. Give them the right context by outlining the reasons for your comments which help you more effectively and not the other way around.
  • Compensate Your Virtual Assistant fairly-  Virtual Assistants are merely tools, they are people with skills, experience, and needs so fair compensation is essential in many ways.

    Compensating your virtual assistants isn’t just a gesture, it is necessary for your business growth. Fair compensation shows respect for skills and effort. This ensures that you stay motivated to the best in the tasks that are assigned to them. This further enhances productivity, lower turnover, and a more positive and healthy work environment.

    Think this way- taking the aid of virtual assistants is long-term investing. You foster a mutually beneficial relationship built and trust. In return, you receive dedication, loyalty, and quality work that takes your business forward. Invest in Virtual assistant services and watch your business grow like never before.
  • Recognize and Reward:  Virtual assistants want to feel valued and get heard. Thus, overcome the traditional conventional employer to your executive virtual assistant. Be more appreciative of the work and effort of your VA, even in a little way. The more they feel heard and rewarded the more they would be working hard as per your feedback. It gives them confidence and motivation to do their best in everything they do and engage whenever their ideas are needed.
  • Respect their time-  The independence associated with this role is the basic factor why most people prefer this to be a profession. You should not expect your VA to be available around the clock if you are not. You must set some ground rules to foster a healthy relationship between both parties. This makes both of you well aware about the working and non-working hours.


These are some practical tips provided by the experts at CROX Assist and just in case you are looking for a flexible and experienced team of VAs then you can connect with our business development team today.

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