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  • January 16, 2024

January is the month of new beginnings, especially for small business owners. Hiring virtual assistants can ease your work burden and bring leads to your doors. If you are occupied with your stuff or just want to focus on your core business competencies in the first month of 2024 then this blog from Crox Assist will remove all the puzzles that you have created in your mind when it comes to Virtual assistants for Hire.

So stay with us till the end to know how Virtual assistants can help you this January.

Hire a Virtual Assistant to overcome all the hustle and bustle. Here are some ways in which they can be very helpful.

  • Plan for the holidays-  Let your Virtual assistants know all your holiday plans so that you can take care of all important meetings and appointments. So if you don’t want to get disturbed during your family time, make sure you have shared your holiday plans with your Virtual Assistant.
  • Team Meals- If you have a team that is very close and helps you every time whenever you require then make sure you make them feel special how do you do it? Plan a dinner or lunch together and spend time with them personally.
  • Gifts for staff-  If you have a small team then you can have gifts for them as a sign of appreciation. You can ask your VA to research and find the best and most affordable gifts for them.
  • Gifts for customers/Suppliers-  Don’t live in a bubble where you cannot ask these things during the Virtual Assistants Companies hiring process.  The VAs can send promotional gifts to an elite group of customers and suppliers.
  • Festivities-  If you are occupied with something important then you will surely keep this task at the bottom of your to-do list. However, if you have a good VA Team then they can easily take care of this and you can focus on the things that would take your business ahead.
  • Office Maintenance- If you are planning for office maintenance then this is the right time to do it.
  • Holiday Cover-  With staff taking leaves then you might need an extra holiday. This can be easily handled by your VAs.
  • Managing enhanced seasonal sales- If you are a small producer, then during the holiday season you might have an extra pair of hands so that you can overcome enhanced seasonal sales.
  • Manage Customer Returns and Refunds- If you are dealing in something that generates Returns and Refunds then you can ask your VA to manage these effectively.
  • Keep Marketing- Even if you are taking a break from your marketing don’t just stop there. You can ask your VAs to schedule the posts.
  • Inbox Filling- If your inbox is filled with bulk emails then there is another job for virtual assistants.
  • Stock Take-  This should be done before the start of the year so make sure you have completed the stock take before it’s too late.

Personal Tasks that you can your Virtual Assistant

  • Present Sourcing- Finding the right gifts can be time-consuming, so give Virtual Assistant some ideas as to the sort of things your family and friends and let them take the pain of sourcing candidates.
  • Gift Wrapping-  The last thing that you need to do after buying a present at the festival is wrapping. You can ask your VA to do the same as they would the job quite neatly.
  • Book online slots-  You can ask your VA to make all the important online appointments if you are too engaged in priority work.
  • Book Theatre and Movie Tickets- You can watch your favorite movie so you can pass this job as well to overcome long queues.
  • Book Train or Flights- Make sure you have previously booked your train or flight ticket so that you can overcome all the last-minute hassle.
  • Book Accommodation- If you are going for a holiday season, make sure you have booked your hotel or accommodation well in advance. There can be a shortage of rooms in that case VAs can be a helpful resource.
  • Gifts for teachers- Rather than another box of chocolates why not have your VA find a more unusual, helpful, or indulgent treat for your child’s teacher?

One job that you didn’t pass your virtual assistant

In all this, don’t forget to purchase and wrap your own gift. Don’t do it.

Final Words

You can get assistance from Virtual assistants for all the non-core work so that you can focus on your core business competencies. Just in case you require quality virtual assistants meeting all your requirements then you can connect with the experts at CROX Assist so that you can focus on core business competencies.

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