Remote Personal Assistant Contract and Agreement?

  • January 23, 2024

Perhaps it is the most important document when hiring Remote Virtual Assistants. Setting up a well-structured Contract and agreement is the first step in building professional relationships. In this article from Crox Assist, we will discuss the process of crafting Online Personal Assistants that cover all aspects such as confidentiality, intellectual, payments, and more.

Creating a Contract may look quite harder than expected. It is one of various business processes that every business owner goes through. It is important to ensure that both parties are secure and benefit from a relationship with each other. Virtual Personal Assistant Services cover grounds such as work hours, non-disclosure agreements, duration of contract, etc. that generally inform either party about the legal clause of the employment. This ensures that VAs can get paid for their work and have written proof in case of any dispute.

Confidentiality and Confidential Information

Confidentiality is the most important aspect if you are working with a Remote Personal Assistant.  As a business owner, you may be sharing some sensitive information about your company. So, it is important to include a confidentiality clause in your virtual assistant agreement to protect this information.

The confidentiality clause should clearly state that the virtual assistant needs to keep all the information shared confidential. This includes client details, Financial information, trade secrets, and any other confidential information. This Confidentiality agreement protects your business from people who are trying to sell your confidential information. It is advisable to specify the duration of the confidentiality clause, which typically extends the termination of the contract.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property rights should be well addressed in the virtual assistant contract. If the Virtual Assistant creates any original work or contributes to any intellectual property during their working period, so it is very important to establish who holds rights to the work. This can be overcome by adding an Intellectual property clause in the agreement.

This clause clearly states that any intellectual property created by the virtual assistant creates any original work or is the client’s work. This ensures that the client has ownership and control over the work produced by the assistant. If needed, assistants can provide you with ready-made templates meeting all the requirements.

Payment Terms

Payment terms are another important aspect of the virtual assistant contract. Clearing out how and when the virtual assistant will be compensated for their services ensures a smooth financial relationship. This includes all the details about payment such as frequency, method of payment, or any other important details regarding the financial terms.

It is important to clarify whether the virtual assistant will be paid on an hourly basis or a fixed payout. The contract should also specify what happens in case of late payments or non-payment and the steps that can be taken to resolve all payment disputes.

It is very important to determine your relationship between a freelance virtual assistant and one hired by virtual assistant service providers who already have a virtual assistant contract agreement template ready for you. This makes your work easier. However, if you are someone who is looking for ready-made templates or looking to board professional assistants in your team then CROX Assist is here to help you out.

Virtual Assistant Needs

Freelance Virtual Assistant vs Hired from a Virtual Assitant Company

1.    Cost Considerations:

Freelance Virtual Assistant
Typically, freelancers may charge lower rates as they set their own prices.
You may only pay for the specific tasks completed, reducing overhead costs.

Virtual Assistant Company
Costs may be higher due to the overhead of the company's operations.
However, some companies offer tiered packages, providing flexibility in pricing.

2.    Skill and Expertise

Freelance Virtual Assistant
Freelancers often specialize in specific tasks, offering deep expertise in their chosen areas.
You have the freedom to handpick a virtual assistant with skills tailored to your unique requirements.

Virtual Assistant Company
Companies may have a diverse pool of talents, covering a wide range of tasks and skills.
Access to a team can be advantageous for businesses requiring a variety of tasks to be handled simultaneously.

3. Availability and Reliability

Freelance Virtual Assistant
Availability might vary, and a freelancer may be handling multiple clients simultaneously.
Reliability may depend on the individual's commitment and time management skills.

Virtual Assistant Company
Companies often ensure backup support, minimizing the risk of tasks being neglected in case one assistant is unavailable.
Established companies may have more structured work processes, enhancing reliability.

4. Communication and Collaboration

Freelance Virtual Assistant
Direct communication is typically easier, fostering a more personalized working relationship.
Collaborative tools and communication preferences can be tailored to your needs.

Virtual Assistant Company
Communication may go through company channels, potentially introducing an additional layer in the process.
However, companies often have established communication protocols and project management systems.

5.    Scalability and Flexibility

Freelance Virtual Assistant
Easy to scale up or down based on your business needs. Provides flexibility in choosing assistants with skills relevant to specific projects.

Virtual Assistant Company
Offers scalability by providing access to a pool of assistants. May have structured plans, offering predefined levels of scalability.

Final Words

Now you are well familiar with all the important aspects of a Remote Personal Assistant agreement but don’t forget to check all the eligibility criteria for virtual assistants before on-boarding.

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