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  • January 24, 2024

Are you a busy founder or a C-level executive and juggling between administrative work and high-level responsibilities?  Then let us tell you that hiring a Virtual Executive Assistant can ease your workload and you can focus on all your core business competencies. According to a report, there are many managers, C-level executives, and founders that spend more than 25% of day time working on administrative tasks which could downturn their business growth.

As the basic step to managing your time effectively, you need to identify all the important tasks and outsourceable tasks before contacting any Virtual Executive Assistant.

Thanks to the advancement of technology now hiring virtual assistants has become quite affordable and easy. They work from a remote location and help with your daily errands and you can pay them on an hourly basis or as per a timesheet. This article depicts all the points that can help C-level executives identify tasks that can be outsourced to virtual assistants.

Email and Calendar Management Tasks

Keeping your calendar up to date is something that every C-level executive must face and your virtual executive assistant can take of this quite easily allowing you to have more time to focus on priority work. And not only that they can take care of your emails as well. Hence, EVA will take care of all the important emails, helping you to plan your day more effectively.

Online Research

As a C-suite employee online research is essential for several things right from all the latest trends in the industry, to data curation for your upcoming blog or even preparing your next TED talk.

Proofreading Documents

Proofreading is important for managerial jobs and C-level people we would come across like blog updating, documents, etc. which involves extensive proofreading.  Your EVA will help you in proofreading and can ensure your written materials are accurate enabling you to have more time for pressing needs. 

Secretarial Tasks

Earlier, it was common for every C-level executive to have a personal secretary at hand to get help to take care of all the administrative tasks. But presently, in this era of cost-cutting, it has become to have a personal secretary. But if you have the assistance of a Virtual Executive Assistant you can outsource all your administrative tasks like attending phone calls and free up your to focus on all the important things.

Data Curation

There was always a pile of data that needed to be converted into something meaningful. You can leave all your data curation to your virtual assistants.

Social Media Management

Your virtual assistant can take off your social media presence like a pro. As a C-suite executive, you tend to spend all your time in the office, busy in meetings and deals and you will hardly get time to manage your social media. Here comes role the of a virtual assistant. Your EVA can accommodate all your social media tasks which are not limited to creating posts promoting in relevant groups and enhancing your Twitter followers.

Personal Tasks

Being a high-performing leader, it would provide less time for your family but don’t worry EVA can arrange all the family trips, workout routines, arranging plumbers, booking hotels, and much more. Your EVA can take care of all your routines as well.

Perks of hiring a virtual executive assistant

Here are some perks of hiring a virtual admin assistant that you must take into consideration.

  • Increased Productivity - By outsourcing your non-priority tasks can provide you time for the tasks that make up the overall organization. And you can focus on those which certainly means there would be enhanced productivity.
  • Lower Costs - Compared to hiring a full-time employee, hiring a virtual assistant can be affordable and flexible for you.
  • More Adaptability- A virtual admin assistant can modify their workload catering to needs and requirements.
  • Better work balance- By delegating tasks to a virtual admin assistant you will have time for your loved ones and family members.
  • No need to pay Full-time salary-  As you onboard a virtual assistant to your team then you are obligated to pay full-time salary. You can use their services for as long as you like or for as little as you want.


And if you think the above things can help you to manage your time then virtual assistants at CROX Assist can make your life quite sorted. Try out our services and manage your time quite effectively with an executive assistant.

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