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What is Email and Calendar Management?

Email Management involves managing the inbox and calendar management making you available for all the important calls and meetings. A Virtual assistant organizes your emails and deletes the unnecessary ones.

How Virtual Assistants at CROX Assist help you with email and calendar management?

Here are some ways in which Virtual Assistants at CROX Assist can help you with email and calendar management.

Set up Bookings and Appointments
As CEO or Director, you would be loaded with meetings, and with a Virtual assistant by your side, you would be stress-free a bit, they can check your availability, and send meeting requests. And not just that you need hotels and accommodation so virtual assistants can help you tackle these with ease.
Manage Contact List
The email assistant can manage your contact list. They can screen and easily verify email addresses and filter out contacts without correct information. The assistants at CROX Assist add new contacts and ensure that the list is up-to-date. This contact list is very important since it can be used for email marketing.
Email Marketing
Email Marketing campaigns can produce exceptional results and assistants at CROX Assist are well-experienced and aware of the same. The email virtual assistant would have experience using all the latest tools for email marketing. They can use the tool to compose attractive emails and they can send it. Once they send the emails, they can easily track the success of the campaign.
Managing Internal Communication
The virtual assistant takes care of all your communication on your behalf. You can just let them all the information and rest they can take care of it. They can send emails to departments and employees.
Cleaning and Sorting Inbox
It is quite general when you have too many emails in your inbox. But if you have a Virtual assistant by your side, you can get this sorted quite comfortably.

Why Hire Email Marketing Virtual Assistants from CROX Assist?

CROX Assist is a leader when it comes to offering virtual assistants. Hiring virtual assistants from CROX Assists brings many benefits.

Top Minds of Industry
When you hire a virtual assistant for your email and calendar management from us, you will get the best minds in the industry. When you work with CROX Assist you get the best quality resources. Since you get the best team then you don’t have to worry about the quality of services.
Easy and 24-hour onboarding
Once you select a virtual assistant then there would be smooth on-boarding. They make sure that onboarding is done within 24 hours. This would allow your email marketing assistant to start working on the requirements without spending too much time on the formalities.
Dedicated Account Manager
When you start working with CROX Assist, you have a dedicated account manager working just for you. The account manager is someone who you can contact for any query or issue. They would handle all the complaints or feedback and take the relevant actions.
Easy Replacement
Just in case (But you are not sure) are not satisfied with a virtual assistant’s work then don’t worry, the CROX Assist team is here to help you with that. Just contact your account manager and let him/her about the issue, and they will offer you an instant replacement and someone who is more experienced and dedicated than the previous one.
Free Trial
Before hiring a virtual assistant, you want to find out if they are capable or not. You can evaluate their experience and expertise on trial. And you can analyze accordingly whether they would be the right ones or not.

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