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Are you someone who is tired of monotonous tasks with Google AdWords or Facebook Words? Or do you lack time and money to craft top-notch quality copy on Google AdWords? Don’t worry! Delegating your PPC requirements to CROX Assist can enhance your productivity and help you to get desired results in a quick time.

As you must have been aware Virtual Assistants have different names, and PPC Virtual Assistant is one of them. And hiring one from CROX Assist can make your life much easier especially if you are having a stiff marketing budget. We can help you to get the desired PPC Virtual Assistant in a few hours.

What do we offer?

When you hire a Virtual Assistant for campaign management from CROX Assist, we cut down your dependency on a full-time dedicated expert to handle monotonous tasks. They take care of a range of functions such as keyword quality PPC, setting the daily budget, and strategizing ways to target audiences within a specific geography. These individuals handle the following tasks such as:

Setting Up Campaign
Our Virtual Assistant can help you set up a campaign in less than an hour. Seems impractical? Well, we at CROX Assist can do it with ease. Our remote team makes sure you are just paying to attract eyeballs rather than just click-throughs. When you pay us for the job, our virtual assistants will research the money-generating keywords that will take your content right at the top of search pages.
Managing Existing Campaigns
If you have an already existing campaign then our virtual assistants can help you save your effort and money by taking care of your campaign. The remote workers will analyze the existing keywords which require extra attention.
Campaign Monitoring and Reporting
Monitoring your campaign can be a hectic task that is neither productive nor cost-friendly. Our virtual assistants monitor the campaign by keeping track of all search engine analytics tools. The data will be collected and consolidated into custom reports for quick analysis of market overview and efficient decision-making.
Analysis of Competitor Campaign
Virtual assistants are incomplete without giving you proper insights about what your competitors are using. Our team analyzes the competitor campaign to give you a complete picture of what competitors are doing in terms of impressions and interactions.

Why Choose Paid Advertising?

Paid advertising enables you to have great control over the target audience, resulting in higher conversion rates. Not only that this would enhance the digital presence of your brand.

Google Ads- Marketing through Google offers higher reach, precise targeting options, and the potential for enhanced revenue.

LinkedIn Ads - Marketing through LinkedIn brings closer to B2B Marketing as well as B2C Marketing. Genuine engagements and relationships can bring higher revenue to your doors.

Snapchat - Authentic Snapchat Marketing can help you reach a young audience through visually engaging content, interactive features, and filters to add brand exposure.

Why you Should hire Crox's Virtual Assistants for PPC Management?

Crox Assist is a top virtual assistant company for PPC Management as we understand all the challenges that you as a business may face within campaign management. Therefore, we offer customized solutions that would help in avoiding all the mistakes and spending on Marketing expenditures. Here are some reasons why CROX Assist is ideal for your PPC Management requirements.

No Payroll Hassles

Bid farewell to payroll hassles by delegating PPC management to our expert team. We will provide you with a dedicated virtual assistant that will be paid as per the work he/she has done. The invoice will be raised for the services that you have availed.

Quality Services

CROX Assist never compromises the quality, for us it is everything. We make sure you get the best results out of your marketing investment. The team will carefully manage everything and make sure you get the desired results.

Adhere Stiff Deadlines

This is yet another factor that makes us stand out from your competition. Our services are offered within the stipulated time and we make sure we are adhering to all the stiff deadlines set by both parties.

Specialized Professionals Dedicated to your Tasks

We have an experienced virtual assistant team in PPC management and are qualified in every aspect of campaign Management.


Our PPC management offered by our virtual assistants is a scalable solution that makes your job quite easier. If face complex situations in the workflow, then our team gets you covered.

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