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CROX Assist provides qualified Lead Generation services. We aim to deliver quality IT leads that would fill your need to address customer demands and maximize growth opportunities.

How does CROX Assist Lead Generation Services help you?

  • Gain More Leads
    Just dive into the world of an unlimited pool of qualified leads and never worry about the shortage of leads or finding new clients for your services.
  • Get Better leads
    We deliver high-quality leads that are ready to get converted, by scoring and nurturing all the potential prospects.
  • Manage your Leads
    We will deliver your leads to your sales team members in real-time and in whichever format they ask for.
  • Extended part of your team
    Our experts would act as an extended part of your team and allow you to focus on the things that matter.

Stats makes it clear for you

Our lead generation service deliver amazing results within just 3 months of activation...

increase in lead volume

Return on Investment

increase in lead to sale conversion rate

Up to
redicing in marketing cost

*Average results for The Brains lead generation clients in the first 6 months of their campaign.

Our Process

Introductory Call
Lead Generation Campaigns
Strategic Plan Formulation
Lead Collection and Management
Monthly Reporting

We Measure the success of our lead generation services by the number of happy customers, not the amount of money we earn.

Why Choose CROX Assist for Lead Generation Services?

Industry Experience
CROX Assist has experience in your specific industry. The experience of our experts can be highly valuable for generating high-quality leads.
Lead Quality
We at CROX Assist leverage the power of strategies to generate quality leads. High-quality leads are more likely to convert into customers.
Target Audience
We make sure that you are visible to the target audience and get higher conversions.
Pricing and ROI
We just don’t work for the money but we make sure you get higher returns on Investment.

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